Aactivities of the Association

The Association carries out its activity independently or in cooperation with companies, scientific and professional associations and institutions engaged in oil and gas exploration and production, transportation and processing, and the entire energy industry:

  • applying advances in the fields of engineering, economics, law and other sciences;
  • organising professional discussions, lectures, symposiums, conferences, social and cultural gatherings and excursions;
  • providing expert advice and counselling support to its members;
  • publishing papers of its members in scientific and professional journals;
  • carrying out publishing activity;
  • cooperating with HAZU, Croatian universities and scientific institutions on solving current issues in engineering, economy and other fields;
  • cooperating with state institutions and authorities in legislation and standardisation and in other fields in oil and gas industry and the entire energy sector;
  • organising international cooperation with foreign professional organisations.

Economic activity of the Association includes:

  • organising scientific and professional gatherings;
  • publishing ( the journal, literature, books, brochures, handbooks and other professional and professional-popular editions);
  • review of projects, reports and studies in the fields of oil and gas industry, geothermal potential and environmental impact.

In accordance with Croatian legislation the Association pursues cooperation with international organisations and associations.

Cooperation with companies, institutions and other legal and natural persons is pursued through agreements and contracts.

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