The Presidency

The Presidency of the Association

The Presidency of the Association is the executive organ of the Assembly.

The Presidency consists of the President, two Vice-presidents (one for geology and other for petroleum engineering), Chief Secretary, Editor-in-Chief of the professional journal and the publishing activity, President of the Association in the previous term of office, Section Heads or their deputies and representatives of the founding members.

Members of the Association who distinguished themselves with their work may be proposed to the Association Presidency.

The term of office of all Presidency members having the voting right lasts four years.

The Presidency reports to the Assembly.

At the Electoral Assembly of HUNIG held on October 26, 2018 the following members were elected to the Presidency:

Želimir Šikonja


Jerko Jelić Balta


Željko Tremac


Darko Pavlović


Marko Cvetković


Ivan Meandžija


Stefanija Novak Zoroe


Laslo Farkaš Višontai


Lovorka Kipson Blažević


Nataša Vujec


Željko Belošić


Robert Bošnjak


Bruno Ernečić


Gordana Sekulić


The Presidency of the Association:

  • manages the Association in line with the Articles of Association, Assembly decisions and the work programme;
  • submits to the Assembly work report and preliminary activity plan for the next period;
  • submits to the Assembly summary of financial operations in the past period;
  • submits to the Assembly a proposal of financial plan for the next calendar year;
  • takes measures to implement annual work plan;
  • suggests to sections measures to improve work and enhance activities;
  • organises cooperation between sections;
  • organises lectures, symposiums and other events;
  • proposes to the Assembly of the Association decisions regarding Association enhancements;
  • proposes award of titles to distinguished and honorary members;
  • establishes, where required, councils, committees, working groups, commissions, expert bodies and defines their tasks;
  • proposes to the Assembly adoption of the Articles of Association, regulations, rules of procedures and interpretations and amendments thereto;
  • implements conclusions of the Assembly;
  • submits report on the Association work to the Assembly;
  • decides in the first instance on the appeal of members regarding admittance or exclusions;
  • manages the Association assets;
  • uperforms all other duties as authorised for by the Association Assembly.

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