The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is appointed for the purpose of immediate and efficient protection of the Association members, proper implementation of legislation, provisions of these Articles of Association and other acts of the Association, overall supervision of material and financial operations, safeguarding of property and other rights and obligations.

The Supervisory Board consists of the President and two members elected by the Assembly for the office term of four (4) years.

A member of the Presidency cannot be appointed as a Supervisory Board member.

The Supervisory Board has the right and obligation to check regularity of the work and operations of the Association bodies, warn of observed irregularities and demand their elimination.

The Supervisory Board is obliged to submit a report on the results of its work to the Presidency and the Assembly.

The Supervisory Board passes decisions by a majority vote of the total number of members.

The Supervisory Board reports to the Assembly.

At the Electoral Assembly held on October 26, 2018 the following Supervisory Board members were elected:

Melita Ćapin


Željko Lukić


Mirko Lukić


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