Our objectives

Objectives of the Association

  • development and improvement of oil and gas technologies, exchange of know-how, continuous learning and application of knowledge;
  • gathering of experts and encouraging their creative thinking;
  • exchange of experience and views;
  • encouraging and development of public, scientific and professional views and attitudes on technical and economic issues;
  • development of natural and technical sciences and practice, introduction of contemporary technological processes and improving production and operations management;
  • rational exploration and production of hydrocarbons/ mineral resources as non-renewable state owned natural wealth.

The above mentioned objectives are pursued through the following activities:

  • keeping abreast of technological advances, encouraging members to master new technologies and giving opinions on technological solutions;
  • expert evaluation of development plans, projects, reports, studies, analyses and technical, economic and legal solutions, environmental protection and occupational safety and health;
  • encouraging inventions;
  • organising scientific and professional gatherings, seminars, round tables and symposiums;
  • encouraging and helping engineers in professional development;
  • encouraging and organising scientific and professional collaboration of engineers in journals and other publications;
  • developing cooperation with domestic and international engineering associations;
  • publishing of professional literature;
  • promotion of the profession;
  • maintaining of a directory of members holding a professional engineer license.

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