Structure of the Association

A constitutive unit of the Association is: Section – a fundamental constitutive unit of the Association.

Constitutive units of the Association are not legal entities.

Decision on a section founding is made by the Assembly.

A section is composed of the Association members grouped according to their belonging to two basic professions – geology and petroleum engineering.

The Association consists of two sections:

  • Section for Petroleum Engineering
  • Section for Geology

A section is a fundamental constitutive unit of the Association which carries out the activity of the Association.

The body of the section is:

  • The Meeting of section members (hereinafter: the Meeting) includes all its members,
  • Head of Section is the chairman of the Meeting.
  • The Meeting decides on all relevant issues relating to the section activities.

The Meeting is held as required.

The Meeting is convened by the chairman of the Meeting, and in his absence by the co-chairman (deputy head of section).