Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy Conference

Šibenik , 17 – 19 October, 2022

Organised by:

Croatian Association of Petroleum Engineers & Geologists

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Scientific supporters

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Panel discussions

Shaping the Future of Petroleum Professionals in Energy Transition

Challenges – outlook for oil and gas industry considering low-carbon energy transition
Oil and gas industry restructuring as a response to new challenges
• Energy future of Croatia – challenges and opportunities within RePower EU
Role of Croatia in the transformed Europe’s energy structure
What skills must petroleum professionals have for the future?
Renewable energy sources – synergy with oil and gas industry
New technologies for using oil and gas in heat and electricity generation

How Hot is Geothermal Energy in Croatia?

• Croatia’s geothermal potential
• Regulatory and business environment for geothermal energy
• How can geothermal energy projects be accelerated?
• Geothermal energy from the aspect of private and institutional investors
• What is on offer: electricity, heat, grid balancing
• Geothermal energy vs. oil and gas: similarities and differences

We Know How to Bring Hydrocarbons Out and How to Push Carbon Back In

• Energy transition and the role of CCUS/CCS
• Forecast of CCUS/CCS contribution in low/no carbon energy transition
• Elements of the CCS process and containment risk
• Emerging business model for CCUS/CCS projects and economic framework
• Scaling up CCUS/CCS project development
• The role of the EU and national legislation in the scenario of accelerated development of CCS projects
• Carbon market, future of the ETS
• Carbon pricing weight on CCUS/CCS project development
• Highlights of the SRMS, PRMS vs. SRMS: similarities and differences


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Where is the conference held?

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