Histrory of publishing

1980 DIT INA - Naftaplin

Society of Engineers and Technicians INA – Naftaplin (DIT) was founded in November 1965. However, it took as long as fourteen years for the professional journal of the Society to be published. The first issue was published at the beginning of 1980. under the title „DIT- INA-Naftaplin“. The first editor-in-chief was Nikola Čizmić. The journal was a public media with circulation of 1,000 copies and was distributed for free. In 1989 the journal entered the International Serials Data System – ISDS and was assigned the International Standard Serial Number – ISSN. A total of 32 issues of DIT INA-Naftaplin journal were published.


At the beginning of 1993. the journal was renamed to “NAFTAPLIN“ representing the most suitable expression for the overall activity of INA-Naftaplin that indeed starts and ends with the two most important projects – oil and gas. The journal was also given a new and more attractive visual design and graphics of higher quality. Since the publication of the Society’s journal continued after Croatia gained independence, the journal underwent the prescribed procedure of registration and obtaining a new ISSN number from the Croatian ISDS centre. The journal was issued semi-annually, quarterly as a regular and as a special issue in circulation of 1,000 copies, still free for Society members, other prominent experts in similar fields from INA but also outside INA and to some state institutions. During its last years 6-7 issues in circulation of 900 copies were published annually. From 1993 to April 2012, 18 regular and 6 special issues of the journal were issued. In addition, 74 BOOKS AND PROCEEDINGS from international conferences organized by HUNIG and books dealing with professional topics related to petroleum engineering and the oil and gas industry were published.


In January 2015 HUNIG published a professional book – handbook titled “International petroleum exploration and production concessions and agreements„. The sponsor is INA-Industrija nafte, d.d. and its publishing was also supported by the Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency. The editors are Josip Križ and Hrvoje Lipovac. Majority of the text is an overview of a book, i.e. lecture by Daniel Johnston (Honcock, New Hampshire, USA, 2003) titled “International Petroleum Fiscal Systems and Production Sharing Contract Course Workbook“., In addition, the editors provided a summary of Croatian experience with international concessions. The book includes a glossary of Croatian and English terms related to international petroleum exploration and production concessions.

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