Book “Croatian Oil and Gas Men“

Book “Croatian Oil and Gas Men“

At the end of 2013 HUNIG published a book-monograph titled “Croatian Oil and Gas Men“ by Stefanija Novak Zoroe. The reviewers are Željko Matiša, Ivan Meandžija and Mirko Zelić.

The book has 624 pages, around a thousand photographs and facsimiles of documents witnessing a rich history of oil and gas production in Croatia, but also in the countries worldwide where Croatian oil and gas men have successfully worked over the past sixty years. The rich material is divided into 18 chapters, following each other chronologically according to the production start-up. A separate 19th chapter presents 42 portraits of Croatian oil and gas men.

The book was sponsored by INA d.d., and through illustrations and advertisements this publishing project was supported by numerous Croatian companies which have played important roles in implementation of energy projects in Croatia, including: Aeks, Inženjering za naftu i plin, S.C.A.N., CRODUX-plin, Croatiainspect , INEL-Montaža, Hrvatski geološki institut, ABB, IMG-Ventili, Plinacro, PSP Okoli, Monter-Strojarske montaže, MONTINVEST, Brodogradilište Viktor Lenac , Končar, EDISON, Crosco, INAgip, EDINA …

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